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KSOU Semester Mode Date Sheet

B.ed Prospectus

Duration: 2 YAERS
No. Of Semester:
University: Maharaja Vinayak Global University,opjs university

Ph.D (Doctorate of Philosophy)

PhD is one of the most sought after course in the entire world. PhD , as an alias is used for the Doctorate Programs. We in VIMT INSTITUTE provide PhD degree in Management as well as other subjects like Science, Humanities, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Law etc. All the courses are taught by our well qualified and reputed Professors. The basic structure of PhD is same for management and other subjects. Some countries prefer PhD in the science or humanities subjects, whereas some countries provide better job opportunities to a PhD degree holder in the subjects of management or administration.

With our years of experience and research in education, we have earned our place as being one of the most recognized Institutions in India for providing a PhD degree in a whole range of disciplines. We are a University Grant Commission (UGC) approved educational institution. Our motto is to provide high quality education to students, mainly in the field of science, technology, and Management. We create the bright future of our society.

Part Time Programs

Further, to make it most convenient and cost-effective for those looking for a .PhD degree, we offer part time PhD courses along with regular PhD classes.PhD admission is done once in a year through entrance examination only. Our admission procedures are very clear and we maintain transparency in the entire process of admission.

Distance Education Programs

Apart from the regular or part time Programs, we offer distance education and online PhD programs to those who are unable to attend regular classes after office hours, or are engaged in any other commitment. Our PhD distance learning Program is one of the best distance learning courses in India. If you are willing to touch the zenith of education, by pursuing a Doctorate Program in your particular field of expertise, then pursuing a PhD degree through our Institution is the best way of doing the same. We provide high quality education to our students and help them to secure placement in the corporate sector and other sectors as well, after the successful completion of the PhD course from our Institution.

With our placement assistance, most of our students have tapped a table career in their respective domains. Our students are holding several important posts at some of the most reputed companies and organizations across the Indian sub-continent. Getting enrolled with our Programs, helps the students to frame up their career plan, in a more practical way. Further, to make our Programs even more engaging and productive, we strive to pay most of our attention towards the queries and doubts of our students.

Our Distance education Programs help to fulfill the dreams of those professionals who cannot attend regular courses due to lack of time or opportunity. Our course structure and duration is apt for professionals, students, or for any of those engaged in any other program, and still willing to own a .PhD degree. To take any of our Online Program, all you need to do is get enrolled in any of the Programs, by submitting a registration form and attend the online session available to you at regular schedules.

If you’re a young aspirant looking to earn a .PhD degree for your self, look no further, simply join our par-time .PhD or regular .PhD Program, and elevate your career to new heights!

Ph.D in Science and Technology

Specialization : Physics , Bio-Physics , Electronics, Mathematics , Statistics , Chemistry , Bio-Chemistry , Micro-biology , Bio-Technology, Environmental Science , Fashion , Botany , Zoology

Ph.D in Mass and Media Communication

Specialization : Mass and Media Communication ,Journalism , Theater , Film and Television Production , Public Relations andAdvertising

Ph.D in Legal Studies

Specialization : Law , Civil and ConstitutionalStudies , Criminology and Forensic Science , IPR and Technology Law ,International Law , Cyber Law

Ph.D in Humanities, Social Science and Fine Arts

Specialization : English , Hindi , Foreign Languages, Regional Languages , Economics , Sociology , Fine and Performing Arts ,History , Political Science , Geography , Library and Information Science ,Sanskrit , Commerce , Education , Fine Art

Ph.D in Dental

The PhD in dental (PhD in Medical Sciences) is athesis-based, graduate research program combined with advanced education in adental specialty discipline. Applicants to this stream must hold a DDS degreeor its equivalent and, through the graduate application process, gainacceptance to a specialty discipline.

Ph.D in Management

PhD in Management can be sought after from any ofthe universities in the country. However this journey takes long route to getyou to the final destination. There in the voyage is required a lot of hardefforts, discipline and commitment. You need to spend several years researchingand writing your thesis in order to get the title doctor before your name. PhDin Management is not for everyone. But if it is endeavored, brings tremendousbenefits for its pursuers. This title suddenly expands the scope of employmentsince many companies prefer seekers who hold PhD in Management. Aside to that,degree holder has extended employment in business research and education world.So, getting the respective title is important. We offer wide range ofspecializations and subjects under management where you can earn your doctoratein. Each of the programs is updated for bringing you the cutting edge overothers. Professional competence is sharpened in the course of study and youaccrue advanced knowledge on management principles and its fundamentals. OurPhD in Management programs are fully funded, empowering those who are lackingfinancial support. You also can seek expert assistance in order to gain goodsense in a particular concentration under management. Inquire after yourqueries to get the right solution today.

Specialization : Finance , Marketing , HR andDevelopment , Banking and Actuarial , Treasury and Wealth Management , RetailManagement , Mega Project Management , Stock and Commodity Market , Hospitalityand Tourism Management , International Business , Hotel and Hospitality ,Fashion Design Management , Supply Chain Management , Total Quality Management, Business Administration , Hotel Management , Hospital Management


The college’s PhD program in nursing research and theorydevelopment is designed to support students and guide them in the achievementof their academic and professional goals. The curriculum provides an excellentfoundation in the philosophy of scientific inquiry, theory development innursing science, quantitative and qualitative research designs, andmethodological approaches to data management and analyses. Faculty members arededicated to challenging and encouraging students to conduct groundbreakingoriginal research and to examine their own interests and passions for publicservice. Students are closely mentored by faculty.

Ph.D in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, often called OT, is the use oftreatments to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills ofpeople with a physical, mental or developmental condition. Occupational therapyis a client-centered practice that places a premium on the progress towards theclient’s goals. Occupational therapy interventions focus on adapting theenvironment, modifying the task, teaching the skill, and educating theclient/family in order to increase participation in and performance of dailyactivities, particularly those that are meaningful to the client

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Vedic Institute of Management & Technology(VIMT)

Address : B-9,2nd floor , Dharam Pali Palace

                Bhoja Market, Behind Vinayak Hospital

                Sector-27, Noida-201301

                (Near Sector-18 Metro Station)

 Email :

Mobile :
     (+91) - 85 27 80 24 60 

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