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KSOU Semester Mode Date Sheet

B.ed Prospectus

M.Tech in Chemical
Duration: 2 Years
No. Of Semester: 4 Semester
Eligibility: B.Tech/B.E. in Relevant Subject/M.Sc in Chemistry
University: KSOU

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The M.Tech programme in Chemical Engineering isspread over four semesters. The main emphasis in the first two semesters is oncourse work. Courses are classified as core or compulsory courses andelectives. The former includes Chemical Reactor Theory, Transport Phenomena,Thermodynamics and Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering. In corecourses advanced topics are covered and presented in a holistic framework. Theelective courses are decided by the student in consultation with his/her thesissupervisor. These are intended to provide expertise in the research area ofinterest for the student and also equip the student with the necessary toolsand concepts for carrying out research.

The programme is designed so thatthe students are evaluated on a continual basis. Emphasis is also placed ondeveloping the written and oral communication skills of students.

The research project constitutesa major part of the work in the second year. The student under the supervisionof a faculty member carries out state of the art research in the frontier areasof chemical engineering such as computational fluid dynamics, materialsscience, biochemical engineering, environmental engineering, process control,reaction engineering, transport phenomena, particle technology, semi-conductorprocessing, etc. The research involves solving problems of industrial relevanceas well as of fundamental significance.

The M.Tech programme equipsstudents with skills which enables them to contribute to the development ofchemical industry in India. The scope of each research area in the ChemicalEngineering Department of IIT Madras is given below:

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